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Funding for the PIRC program as a whole has been discontinued by the US Department of Education. Therefore, most PIRC programs are no longer in operation although several are continuing with funding from other sources. You may contact PIRCs directly to determine their status.
New Mexico State PIRC
Albuquerque, NM
1920B Columbia Drive SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Web site:
Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday
Mr. Larry Fuller

Phone: 505-247-0192
Fax: 505-247-1345

Evaluator: Catherine Offutt

Logo for New Mexico State PIRC

State PIRC Board:

Renata Witte
Martha Gomez
Mary Ann Sloan
Ken Kenney
Chris Lehman
Caroline Enos
Sandy Drangmeister

Special Advisory Committees:

The NM-PIRC Advisory Committee consists of representatives from the NM Public Education Department, NM PTA, students, local education agencies and parents.

The New Mexico Parent Information and Resource Center (NM PIRC) is administered by Parents Reaching Out, a statewide non-profit organization serving families in New Mexico for almost twenty five years. Our goal is to provide resources and strategies to parents, educators and others working with children focused on informed decisions and meaningful partnerships that promote child development and successful achievement in school. The purpose of our work is to encourage parent involvement with particular emphasis on Hispanic and Native Americans, educationally disadvantaged and low income families to improve outcomes for children.

Parental Engagement Model
NM PIRC engages parents as active participants in decisions related to their child through the use of materials and activities delivered in their home language in a manner that is welcoming and respectful of cultures and diverse needs. Our toll free telephone, web site, publications and workshop presentations offer easy access to assistance and resources in English and Spanish.

Early Childhood Model
NM PIRC provides an early childhood model that promotes parent involvement through our contracts with established Parents as Teachers (PAT programs) in New Mexico. We offer other parent learning opportunities through associations with the NM Head Start programs, Family Infant and Toddler Early Intervention program, early care and education agencies and the NM GRADS program (Graduation, Reality & Dual-Role System).

Major Activities
The major activities of NM PIRC in early childhood and increasing parent involvement in schools are focused on providing a wide venue of resources in the areas of child development, literacy, No Child Left Behind (school choice, accountability, supplemental educational services and related topics), School Action Teams process and other topics as requested. We offer workshops, presentations, fact sheets, newsletters and support in English and Spanish.

How the Work Plan Meets the Needs of Parents
NM PIRC staff use formal and informal feedback to meet the needs of our parents through our continual improvement process. Workshops are Learning Opportunities that promote parent competence and a sense of belonging based on the Epstein model of Parent Involvement and the family centered approach used by the early childhood system. We recognize the leadership potential of parents through mentorship and training for Parents as Leaders (PALS) volunteers.

Alignment of Work to Statewide PIRC Efforts
NM PIRC aligns to statewide PIRC efforts through networking partnerships and Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with state agencies, local education agencies and others to determine/address parents’ needs and the best means for service delivery. Our PIRC Advisory Board and Focus groups of parents and representatives of NM Public Education Department, NM Children Youth and Families Department, school district representatives assist in identifying strategies for addressing parental needs.

Unique Characteristics
We have developed a unique series of Grab-N-Go folders for workshop presentations to address the diverse needs of our families, the rural nature of our state and the need for timely information delivered in a flexible manner in varied situations. Grab-N-Go folders incorporate adult learning theory with practical record keeping applications focused on a workshop topic (NCLB, Parent Involvement, Literacy, Child Development, Progress Reports, etc.) GNG folders with key fact sheets provide a versatile tool (in English or Spanish) to build capacity in a workshop setting

Free Webinar Series
The U.S. Department of Education and its partners invite you to view the archive for the webinar, Bringing it All Together: Family and Community Engagement Policies in Action, which took place on November 16, 2011.

This is the ninth and final webinar in the series, Achieving Excellence and Innovation in Family, School, and Community Engagement.
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