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Funding for the PIRC program as a whole has been discontinued by the US Department of Education. Therefore, most PIRC programs are no longer in operation although several are continuing with funding from other sources. You may contact PIRCs directly to determine their status.
Wyoming State PIRC
Buffalo, WY
500 W. Lott St, Ste A
Buffalo, WY 82834

Web site:
Hours: 8:30am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday
Ms. Terri Dawson

Phone: 307-684-7441
Fax: 307-684-5314

Evaluator: Ron Mirr

State PIRC Board:

Lisa Wiegel, Elementary Principal of Title 1 School
Terry Kenny, parent and grandparent of students at-risk
Carole Justice, parent of at-risk student and Consultant to Tribal Schools
Nancy Vreeland, Instructor, Casper College and grandparent to student at-risk
Tanya Knell, case manager and service provider to at-risk students, and parent of at-risk daughter
D.J. Yocom. parent of at-risk child and University of Wyoming Professor

The purpose of the Parent Education Network, Wyoming State PIRC, is to strengthen partnerships between families and schools and to implement effective parental involvement policies and programs to increase academic achievement for students in Wyoming. To meet this, we have formulated four goals:

  1. Build state and local capacity for increased parent engagement by providing technical assistance in the implementation of effective parent involvement policies and programs, and by creating shared responsibility between parents and educators for student achievement.
  2. Create a network of trained Parent Leaders who coordinate and facilitate activities for increased parent engagement in their local schools.
  3. Assist parents in low-performing schools with understanding the Wyoming accountability system, state and local school report cards, and opportunities for parent choice and supplemental educational services.
  4. Provide early childhood services to families and enhance local early childhood programs in Wyoming with the home-based Parents as Teachers program.

Major Activities
PEN will provide hands-on direction on school readiness to 100 economically and educationally disadvantaged families of preschoolers in six regions with the Parents as Teachers program.

This statewide project will hire five Outreach Parent Liaisons (OPLs), located in various communities around the state to provide individual support and technical assistance to parents and educators on how to work as partners and to develop meaningful and inclusive parental involvement policies under Section 1118 of the ESEA. Working with Washakie County School District # 1, we will develop a handbook on parent’s educational rights, which we will provide to other school districts so they can personalize it for their own districts. This handbook will have family-friendly information to help families understand school report cards, state accountability system, parental choice and supplemental education services so that they will know their rights and can exercise their options.

PEN will support the local PTA’s and parent teacher groups in targeted Title 1 and low-performing schools with contracts to help them build capacity and leadership skills. These school-linked contracts will support local groups by coordinating activities to increase parent engagement in their children’s learning and schools.

Partnering with the Parent Information Center, Wyoming's Parent Training and Information Center under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, PEN will provide training and support to families of children with disabilities about assessments and accountability systems in Wyoming schools.

With the Father Factor, PEN will assist facilitation of new father groups to expand this program to five communities around the state. These groups will offer resources and support to help guide fathers to learn new strategies to encourage positive interaction with their children and their schools, to increase academic success.

As a result of this collaborative effort, we anticipate 3,000 parents will participate in a variety of parent activities and have an increased level of understanding about accountability system and options under school choice. They will have learned new strategies for effective parent involvement and how to partner with schools. School personnel will have a greater knowledge of how to include families to develop effective parent involvement policies while implementing family friendly programs in their districts.

Free Webinar Series
The U.S. Department of Education and its partners invite you to view the archive for the webinar, Bringing it All Together: Family and Community Engagement Policies in Action, which took place on November 16, 2011.

This is the ninth and final webinar in the series, Achieving Excellence and Innovation in Family, School, and Community Engagement.
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