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Webinar Archive - 4/13/2010
Completing the PIRC 2010 Annual Performance Report (APR)

During this webinar held on 4/13/2010, U.S. Department of Education and SEDL staff provided information to PIRC staff regarding the completion of the PIRC 2010 Annual Performance Report.

Instructions and Guidance for the PIRC 2010 APR

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Webinar Presentation Slide Titles

  • Completing the PIRC 2010 Annual Performance Report
  • Overview
  • Purpose of the 524B
  • Annual Performance Report (APR) 524B Form
  • APR Due Date
  • ED 524B Cover Sheet
  • Budget Information
  • Cover Sheet Additional Information
  • ED 524B Executive Summary
  • Section A: GPRA Project Objectives and Related Performance Measures Data
  • Section A: GPRA Performance Measures
  • Section A: Project Objectives
  • Uploading Attachments to Section A
  • Section B: Budget Information
  • Matching Funds
  • Spreadsheets in e-Reports
  • Section C: Additional Information
  • Number of Parents Served
  • ECPE Services
  • Strategies Used to Reach and Serve Parents
  • Parental Involvement Policies and Practices
  • PIRC Work with SEA, LEAs and Schools
  • Submission Information: ED
  • Electronic Grants Overview
  • e-Grants Hours of Operation
  • e-Grants Registration: New Users and Existing Users
  • Start Page
  • Completing the Report
  • Submitting the Report
  • Help Desk Information
  • Upcoming Dates: Family Engagement Webinar and National PIRC/PTA Conference Registration
  • PIRC Staff Contact Information
  • Questions?
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